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APril 11th, 2024 -- 8:00AM-2:00pm

It’s time again for the Lenox Science Fair where students are encouraged to think like scientists and to utilize the Scientific Method to answer a question they have about the world around them. Students work on a project while developing skills in written & oral presentation, problem solving, creative thinking, practical science, and math. In April, students will present their findings to volunteer reviewers and show off their projects to the rest of the school and their families. Every student who participates will receive a Science Fair ribbon and small prize. The full packet can be downloaded below:



Important dates to remember:

Entry forms due Friday, March 3rd

Projects due Wednesday, April 19th (or your teacher's due date) 

Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers will be needed during the day for this event. Volunteers are there to support the students and listen to students verbally present their project. No experience is required. A sign up will be posted closer the event date. 


Shifts will be one hour each and will occur throughout the school day on Thursday, April 11th from 8:00am - 2:00pm.


We will also need help on Wednesday, April 10th after school to get everything set up.


* Please note: Volunteers are required to complete a district volunteer application and have a cleared background check prior to being allowed to volunteer. Click here to complete the volunteer application online!

Review Schedule


FAq's about Science Fair

Who can participate in Science Fair? Is it required?

All Lenox students in all grades are invited to enter a science project! Some teachers do require participation in Science Fair, so be sure to check with your student’s teacher.


Is an entry form required for Science Fair?

Yes, all students participating in Science Fair (even if required by their teacher) need to fill out an entry form (found in the packet linked above), have it signed by a parent and turn it into their teacher by Friday, January 28th (or their teacher’s due date).


Can students work together on a science fair project as a group? Please check with your student’s teacher. If working in a group, we ask that each student still submit a separate entry form and indicate on the form who they are working together with.


Where can students get help coming up with project ideas? Science fair projects should be focused on a question your student has about the world around them. If your student is having troubling coming up with ideas, their teacher or the following web sites are a great source of grade-appropriate science fair project ideas:


What are the requirement for science fair projects? How much does it cost?

A successful project can be done at very little cost. Science fair project boards (48” x 36” size suggested) cost only a few dollars and may be offered for free by your student’s teacher. Most experiments involve things you can find around your house. Check with your student’s teacher for more low-cost project ideas.


Projects should include:

  • Grade appropriate Scientific Inquiry (teachers will have information on this)
  • Your student’s own ideas and creative, neat, and careful work
  • An understanding of the scientific concepts used in the project


Project displays should:

  • Include a project title and student’s name or the names of each person in the group
  • Include a written description of the project and how the Scientific Method was used
  • Be limited to a 3’ by 2’ table area, backed by a cardboard display board (48” x 36” recommended)


What is NOT allowed in science fair projects?

  • Science or Math kits from stores
  • Expensive or non-replaceable personal property or parts too fragile to be handled
  • Live animals or bacterial cultures
  • Matches, flames or chemicals that are flammable or otherwise dangerous
  • Electricity passing through non-insulated wire or plug-ins to wall outlet
  • Uncontained liquids or other materials that will cause a mess
  • ANYTHING deemed by teachers, staff or volunteers to be unsafe or hazardous to others


When are science fair projects due by?

All completed project boards must be brought to school by Wednesday, April 19th (or by the teacher’s due date if earlier) so they can be setup in the gym after school (1:30-2:30pm). Students will present their projects to our adult reviewers during their classroom’s assigned time on Thursday, April 20th.


Are parents allowed to help with science fair projects?

Parent support is key to a successful project. We ask that you encourage your child and monitor his or her progress along the way. But in order to assure equity and promote student learning, please do not allow your involvement to extend any further. It is important that your child think the problems through and try to solve them on his or her own. Guide your child whenever and however you can, but let the final project reflect your child’s individual ideas, effort and design.

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