Teacher Appreciation Week

Monday, May 7th - Friday, May 11th

We spend the whole week trying to show the teachers and staff at Lenox just how much we appreciate all that they do for our kids, our families, and our community. Join us for the fun and see how you can contribute to help us pamper our awesome teachers!

Help Needed!

While Booster Club has a budget for Teacher Appreciation Week, a lot of what we do throughout the week only happens with donations from our community. Click the button below to see the full list of food items and teacher supply requests.

Donate Here!

We have also created an Amazon wish list that has the teacher supply requests only, so if you would like to order from there, click here http://a.co/6kMgnyy. The Amazon list does have a few more items than we listed, but only in the case where the teacher would not be able to use multiples (such as with small furniture items or games).

Schedule for the Week

We do something special for the teachers EVERY DAY during Teacher Appreciation Week! Below is the schedule for the week, so you know what fun things are planned to celebrate our amazing teachers.


Monday - Breakfast in the Teachers Lounge (donations needed)

Tuesday - Goodies in the Teachers Lounge (donations needed)

Wednesday - Pacific Perks Coffee provided

Thursday - Monkey Subs lunch provided in Teachers Lounge

Friday - Supplies delivered to each classroom (donations needed) or go to http://a.co/6kMgnyy.


If you have any questions, please email the Teacher Appreciation Week chair, Natalie Vaughn at purrjuju@yahoo.com. Thank you for helping make this week special for our teachers!

Upcoming Events



We are so thankful to our Gold sponsors for their generosity!