Win With Reading

Friday, December 18th - Friday, March 19th

Lenox Elementary is starting its 28th year of Win with Reading!  The reading incentive program encourages students to read at home and earn lots of great prizes!

How it works:

This program is based on READING DONE AT HOME. As long as you are reading away from school, it counts. Does your teacher require you to read at home? That time counts! You can read anything you want: books, magazines, newspapers, comic books, etc. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Students need to keep track of the time they read, or are read to, on the correct recording sheet (additional sheets available in the Library or can be printed out here: K-3rd or 4th-6th).
  3. Have a parent or guardian sign the sheet when complete. Sheets must be signed or they will NOT be counted.
  4. Return the completed sheets to the box by the Library. Remember to fill out all the information before turning in the sheets. Incomplete sheets WILL NOT count.
  5. Pick up a new sheet in the Library or print one out here: K-3rd or 4th-6th.
  6. Sheets turned in during the week will be collected on Fridays. Prizes will be awarded the following week. We will begin prize distribution is TBD.

Parents, if you notice that two or more weeks have passed and your child has not received the appropriate prize, contact us ( immediately. Due to supply issues, prizes cannot be awarded after the program has ended.  


LEVEL            PRIMARY          INTERMEDIATE                 PRIZE

Level 1                  10 hours                   15 hours                                         Ring Pop

Level 2                  20 hours                    30 hours                                        Surprise

Level 3                  30 hours                    45 hours                                        Surprise

Level 4                  40 hours                    60 hours                                        Book from the Book Fair 

Level 5                  50 hours                    75 hours                                        Party!


Please note the following for the Level 4 & Level 5 prizes:

  • Level 4 - The students who win this prize will be pulled from class to pick out their free books. Please do not bring the free book notification in during regular book fair hours.
  • Level 5 - The party will be held after the program has ended so that all who have earned the prize can participate.


Questions can be emailed to

Win with Reading Party

The final prize level is a fun filled party for our top readers! If your child read either 50 hours or 75 hours, depending on their grade, then they will receive an invitation to the party. The party will take place at the school toward the end of the day. We cannot wait to celebrate with all of our amazing readers!


We are so thankful to our Pioneer & Gold sponsors for their generosity!

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