This is Lenox Booster Club's annual incentive-based program that encourages and rewards kids for reading!


PROGRAM RUNS: December 15- April 5th, 2024



How it Works: 

Students record their reading on record sheets. When a sheet is completed, they turn it into the box in the library for some really great prizes. When they turn in a sheet they can pick up another one from the library or download and print one at home. (K-3 or 4-6th).


What Counts as Reading for WWR? 

Any reading done outside of school counts. It could be a chapter book, or magazine, or comic book or newspaper. For our younger emerging readers, reading with an adult counts, too! 




LEVEL            PRIMARY          INTERMEDIATE                 PRIZE

Level 1                10 hours                     15 hours                         Bookmark


Level 2                20 hours                     30 hours                         Ring Pop


Level 3                30 hours                     45 hours                Invisible Ink Pen and Notebook


Level 4                40 hours                     60 hours                  Book from the Book Fair   


Level 5                50 hours                    75 hours                   Lunch Time Frozen Treat



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