Color Me Fun Run

Friday, October 5th, 2018

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This is our annual jog-a-thon and our LARGEST fundraiser of the school year. Our goal this year is to raise $30,000! Pledge sheets will come home at Back to School Night on August 29, 2018. If you are unable to make Back to School Night, your child will bring home their pledge sheet on the first day of school. Even though this is a fundraiser, there are all kinds of fun and exciting prizes too!


  • The top class from primary (K-3) and intermediate (4-6) that turns in the most pledge sheets by Wednesday, September 26th (with or without pledges) will receive a Donut Party
  • Top lap runners for each classroom will get a medal and a picture in the yearbook with Mrs. McLain
  • Each student who raises $150 or more will be invited to our Cosmic Bowling party at KingPins (formally Sunset Lanes) on Saturday, October 27th from 9-11am
  • The top 10 students from grades K-3 and 4-6 who raise the most money will be chauffeured in a limousine and taken to Out of this World Pizza for lunch on Tuesday, October 23th

day of run: 

  • Every student will get their own Color Me Fun Run shirt
  • Every student will receive a colored bracelet for each lap they run
  • Every student will receive an 8 oz. Jamba Juice following their run
  • There will be an all school assembly featuring Alex Zerbe featuring a 60 minute science show

2018 run schedule

Each group runs for 20 minutes. Families are welcome to come out and cheer on the kids while they run!


Kindergarten: 8:00-8:30

1st & 3rd Grade: 8:30-9:00

2nd Grade: 9:00-9:30

4th Grade: 9:30-10:00

6th Grade: 10:00-10:30

5th Grade: 10:30-11:00


How it works...

Once you have your pledge sheet, work with your child to talk to family, friends, and neighbors to either sponsor them for a flat amount ($5 minimum) or for a per lap amount ($0.50 minimum). Pledge sheets are then returned to the school by Wednesday, September 26th. If you need a new pledge sheet, download it here. Each grade level will then have a time to run on Friday, October 5th and they will receive a bracelet for each lap they run. We will then tally them up and send pledge sheets back home with the total amount due. All money is due back by Wednesday, October 10th to be counted toward prize qualification. Download the full info packet here.







Calling All Nike Employees!!!

Our upcoming Color Me Fun Run qualifies for your Nike Employee 2x Sports Match! This means for every dollar you donate to the Fun Run, Nike will give us $2 as long as you donate through this portal/link that has been set up for us. Please follow these instructions to take advantage of this very generous 2 to 1 match:


1. Click on the following link and log into your WE portal/benevity account: 2X Sport Match: Lenox Elementary School Jogathon/Color Me Fun Run

2. Enter the amount you will be donating to the Fun Run and pay that amount with your credit card.

3. You will receive an email showing you submitted a donation. Attach that email to your Lenox Pledge Sheet to get credit for that amount for your student to qualify for awards.

4. Nike will then send us the amount you submitted to them, plus their double match.

Important Dates to remember...

August 29th - Students can start collecting pledges

September 4th - Donut Day Competition Begins

September 26th - Pledge sheets due!

September 28th & 29th - Lenox Days at The Meating Place 9am-6pm

October 3rd - Donut Day Party to two winning classrooms

Friday October 5th - Color Me Fun Run!!

October 10th - All money is due – no exceptions

October 23rd - Out of this World Pizza Party and Limo ride

October 27th - Cosmic Bowling Party at KingPins


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